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The Challenge

The Tertiary Education Commission upgraded their operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 as well as upgraded their Microsoft Office 2003 suite to Office 2010.  There is a very large change in the two systems and suites, so the challenge was to provide staff with an opportunity to attend hands on training.  Providing hands on training limited the disruption to business that change can have on an organisation.

What we did

  • Training the pilot group prior to testing and official staff training.
  • Designed the training plan.
  • Developed all the training material.
  • Delivered training to all staff.
  • Provided go live support.


Over a period of two months, we trained approximately 300 staff on Windows 7, Office 2010.  At the end of each training week, floor walking support.  Floor walking support provided one to one support at the staff members desk to ensure the system and transition was running smoothly for them.

  • Staff were trained on basic and advanced features of Windows 7, including how to change and personalise their settings.
  • Tips and tricks were also provided for more advanced users.
  • Training sessions were also tailored according to the groups that were trained. More time was spent on Excel 2010 versus Word 2010 for finance staff.