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The Challenge

The year 2013 had most government agencies modernising technology platforms, and the New Zealand Transport Agency took this upgrade further by ensuring that their customised document template launcher and toolkit integrates with the new Microsoft Office suite interface.

As the custom template toolkit appears out of whack on the Office 2010 interface, they needed a company to work with them to ensure that whatever functionality they had Office 2003 comes over, if not with better!

What we did

allfields moved to review the existing template toolkit checking on codes, buttons, and functions that needed to be either parsed, recoded, or scrapped for a new solution.

  • Provided a better and functional way to launch templates – via dynamic launcher that automatically picks up templates added. This meant that NZTA can easily add or remove templates as needed.
  • Recoded the template toolkit file with VBA for the ribbon interface of Office 2010.
  • Engaged with the organisation’s template advisers for the review and testing of the new buttons, and functionalities.
  • Provided installation guide and support for the new file that controls the NZTA template toolkit.


From the dated look of drop down buttons and toolbars, NZTA has transitioned to a dynamic, custom-built template toolkit that sits comfortably on the Office 2010 Ribbon. Moreover, with NZTA’s dynamic template launcher, the organisation can easily add on or remove templates for their users to pick from.