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The Challenge

NZTA needed a more flexible and robust solution to build a template based contract, generate clauses depending on options that have been selected, and format the content consistently still keeping its logic easy to understand while giving the user flexibility to edit part of the document if necessary.

What we did

  • Analysed the logic of the contract’s business rules, linked related parts of the document.
  • Built a Microsoft Word add-in to bring in an Action Pane, which leads the user to enter or choose necessary information, once for all.
  • Options to display or hide clauses depending on user’s choices,
  • Smart navigation to a relevant part of document.
  • Data validation, such as email address and start-end date, throughout the document.
  • Document exportation, to Word and PDF, guidance note removal, and document finalisation.
  • Prepared an instructional guide for users.


allfields successfully built the contract generator for NZTA.

  • We saw staff actively involved in the using of this modern smart desktop contract generator.
  • Migrated from previous expensive online product to a slick desktop solution.
  • NZTA are satisfied with the new contract generator’s powerful features and easy to use functionality.
  • The project came in on time with all the stakeholders very happy with the success.