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The Challenge

Aligning with the current technology platform had New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) upgrade their Office Software suite. This brought an opportunity for them to review the functionality, design and compatibility of their then existing document templates.

NZFS found that the templates were dated, didn't align with their branding, and ultimately un-utilised due to bad functionality. allfields stepped in to revive the ageing templates with a new design and branding with better and improved functionality - ultimately making it not just look good but, user-friendly too!

What we did

  • Review of the functionality, and VBA code of the templates.
  • Engaged with the NZFS communications and design advisors to align their branding to the templates.
  • Created new designs for the templates which underwent a design and communications review before being signed off to be developed.
  • Standardised their template text and formatting styles as per their communications and branding guide.
  • Cleaned-up and redeveloped the VBA code for better functionality.
  • Developed and introduced the User-form pop-up to individual templates – allowing users to fill in the information upon launch and these get formatted and laid out onto the document automatically.
  • Provided installation instructions for the deployment of templates.


allfields created more than 20 templates after the consultancy, design, development, and testing stages. NZFS now have a revived and good-looking set of document templates in line with their branding strategy. Moreover, with the user-form functionality introduced, this allowed users to input text on a pop-up and it is automatically formatted and laid out on the document.

  • Core set of templates rebranded for the two sub-brands of NZFS, these being the New Zealand Rural Authority and the New Zealand Fire Commission.
  • Full-functional tested templates.