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The Challenge

For the Ministry for Primary Industries and as part of their wider business requirement around a new SharePoint based Document Management system (known as Cohesion) was the re-build and hosting of internal templates into this new web based platform. The Ministry also wanted staff to be able to access, edit and/or create documents based off well structured corporate templates, and also needed to maintain the content and structure of historic documents previously created while going through a migration process from the old templates to the new ones implemented.

The major technical challenge for our team was to split the code functionalities and styles from the base templates, setting them in different files and making everything work correctly in a final document created by the end user.

What we did

  • Developed a set of core templates that included VBA, Protected ribbons, Custom Ribbons and Content Controls.
  • Worked very closely with the business owners to provide the best solution with their existing technology.
  • Responded quickly to request for changes updates.
  • Decided the best way to implement the new templates in a new web environment (SharePoint Cohesion).
  • Create three functionalities and styles documents.
  • Create 20 base templates with predefined content.
  • Adopt some of the old functionalities and adapt them into the new templates.
  • Make each of the base templates to inherence styles and functionalities from the proper document.
  • Develop new functionalities based on templates selection.
  • Keep the templates in a centralised web environment making the metadata being saved in SharePoint’s database.
  • Migrate old files data into the new templates.


allfields have successfully managed the improvement of templates and migration of existing documents to a SharePoint hosted environment.

  • We adapted Office Word templates usage to a web based environment.
  • We created new templates based on old format, styles and functionalities.
  • We created final documents that inherit these smart functionalities and styles.
  • A very smart migration tool was developed, so old documents can be kept in the new platform.