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The Challenge

allfields were asked to be the training partner for the consortium of 6 regional councils who were implementing a bespoke resource consent system - IRIS. This system was designed to manage the workflow for a resource consent application from start to finish and bring information from many systems into one. 

What we did

  • Developed the Training Plan, including itemising each course required. 
  • Designed the training courses.
  • Developed all the training material.
  • Delivered all the training courses.
  • Provided go live support, on the ground floor walking.


IRIS was delivered in a modular based rollout. This allowed staff to Understand, Learn and then Try the different stages of a resource consent application lifecycle.  allfields had great buy in from Management supporting the rollout of IRIS and this allowed for staff to attend all training required - which resulted in a successful project.

  • Train the Tester courses were provided to the staff who were testing the new application process, including the contacts database prior to the main rollout.
  • A foundation module was developed which laid the basis of IRIS and its many features.
  • System migrations were able to be staged to align with the module that staff were being trained in –information was being migrated from many other database systems into IRIS.