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The Challenge

FileSite underwent a system upgrade for both the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) and Treasury.  While DPMC’s file plan remained the same, an entirely new folder structure was created for Treasury.  

The goal of the CASS upgrade project was to take advantage of the opportunity of change and provide staff with official training of the overall use of the system as well as upskill them in new features of the upgrade. 

What we did

  • Organised training sessions and calendar invitations for staff.
  • Designed the training plan.
  • Developed all the training material.
  • Delivered training to all staff.
  • Provided go live support.


Over the course of three weeks, and two different Wellington based locations, approximately 20 sessions of FileSite training was provided to all DPMC and Treasury staff from CASS.

  • Staff were able to upskill on standard use of the system as well as learn new features of the upgraded content.
  • A large number of staff did not have any previous training prior to the upgrade, so there was overwhelming feedback of the usefulness and necessity for the training.