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The Challenge

ACC rolled out their new desktop, Windows 7 and Office 2010.  The challenge was to provide management of the Go Live process, overseeing activities starting from pre- ‘go live’ night to the following post- ‘go live’ morning. 

What we did

  • allfields provided management for ‘go live’ evenings. This included:
    • Ensuring staff completed pre-go live tasks.
    • Ensuring staff logged-off by the cut off time.
    • Organising desktop engineers with new equipment for each staff member going live.
    • Providing communication with technical team who were responsible for back end migrations.
    • Supporting the Site Contact who was responsible for testing on the go live evening.
  • allfields provided go live support (on the ground floor walking) for Go Live days. This included:
    • Ensuring staff completed their Go Live information packs, including adjusting policy settings, etc.
    • Providing support and resolution for any queries staff had regarding programs, systems and/or general issues.
    • Logging issues within the technical team.
    • Attending the daily go live meeting to report issues.


Over the course of several months, we successfully supported nationwide staff on their new desktop.  This included troubleshooting issues and coping with not only user issues but hands on technical and equipment issues as well.  

Front end/user issues were dealt with on the spot by allfields staff and back end issues were directed to ACC technical service desk.  The goal was to have all issues resolved by noon on the same day and this target was almost always met.